Develop Your Pearl!

You can say that pearls are strengths. This message is to encourage you to develop your pearls(strengths). Pearls are made from irritations. For instance, an oyster feeds off the bottom of the ocean, and occasionally, it will get a grain of sand lodged on the inside. That sand causes the oyster discomfort. It doesn't like it. It rubs and rubs trying to get rid of it. But eventually, it's formed into a beautiful pearl. Pearls are expensive. People pay thousands of dollars for pearls. Ladies wear them around their neck. But the fact is, that pearl is birthed out of something uncomfortable.


The oyster would've preferred to not deal with it. If you could ask it, it would say, "I don't like being uncomfortable! Don't give me any more irritations! Make everything easy!" No, God designed the irritation to become something beautiful; to make it more valuable. In the same way, every irritation in our life is designed to become a pearl. The scripture talks about how God is the potter and we are the clay. One way God forms us and molds us is by allowing us to be in situations where we're uncomfortable. We're not getting our way, we're not being treated right, or things aren't not happening as fast as we would like.


This pressure brings to light impurities in our character. Things like pride, selfishness, being critical, being easily offended. Things we need to get rid of. We may not like it but God uses every situation. Every traffic jam, every person that's hard to deal with, or every time we could get our feelings hurt. We need to remind ourselves, this is only a test. This is an opportunity to come up higher. See, the irritation was never designed to frustrate you. It was designed to help you grow; to help you develop that pearl.

The Scripture says in James 1:12 that our faith is tried in the fire of affliction, just as fire tests and purifies gold. Some of you are in that refiner's fire right now. You're going through a tough time. You don't like it. It's not fair. But let me encourage you, if you'll stay in faith, and keep pushing forward, you're gonna come out of that refined, purified, stronger, and better off than you were before. God is constantly working on us. He's changing us little by little, from glory to glory. But on the way to the glory, there may be a little bit suffering that we have to endure.


There are going to be times that we say, God get me off of this potter's wheel! I can't take it anymore! I can't deal with this child! I can't handle this boss that's grouchy! God I can't put up with this rude person in my life anymore! But God will say, not yet! See, God sees your value. He knows what He's making you into. Sometimes when we look at ourselves we think, "I got a lot of flaws! I got a hot temper! I got a problem with my mouth!" I'm not that disciplined! We see the clay but God sees the beautiful teacup. The good news is, you're not a finished product! God is still working on you. If you will work with God and let Him remove those impurities, God will make more out of your life than you've ever dreamed of.


One day you'll look back and say, I can't believe how far God has taken me! The Scripture says after you have passed the test, you will receive the victor's crown of life. My challenge is pass your test! There's a victor's crown waiting for you. Recognize, God has you on the wheel. Don't fight against it! Develop your pearl & let God refine you!

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